UV Protection Glass Roof Window Transparent Heat Insulating

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name Suzhou Huasheng
Certification REACH,CQC,EN12150,CE,ISO9001
Model Number Window glass
Minimum Order Quantity 100pieces
Price 10-1000USD
Packaging Details WOODEN BOX
Delivery Time 5-7DAYS
Payment Terms T/T, L/C
Supply Ability 80000SQM MONTHLY
Product Details
Usage Window Glass Function Building,Office,Window
Sample Avaliable Technique Low Emissivity,Reflects Heat,Radiate Enegry,visible Light,insulating Power Adds To Windows,Transparent Coating On Surface,reflecting Heat Than Glass Itself
Design Cliets Drawing Paper Or Our Factory Technical Department Design By Clients Request Package Wooden Box
Original Suzhou,China
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UV Protection Glass Roof Window


Glass Roof Window Transparent


Heat Insulating Glass Roof Window

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Product Description

Transparent UV Protection Glass Roof Window Heat Insulating Glass

Coating glass

Whether you've had a broken window recently or you're shopping for a replacement window, you've probably heard your contractor or salesperson suggest Low-E glass. Spectrally selective low-e glass is a crucial component in improving the thermal performance in your home's windows and doors.


Simply, Low-E (low emissivity) glass is a thin, transparent coating that reflects heat. Emissivity is the ability of a material to radiate energy. This process is done at the glass manufacturing plant, where the specially designed coating is applied to one or more surfaces of an insulated glass unit.


When heat energy is absorbed by glass, it is either shifted away by moving air or re-radiated by the glass surface. This is where low-e glass coatings come into play. Reducing the emissivity of a glass surface improves the window's total insulating properties.

Ultraviolet (UV), visible light, and infrared (IR) light all occupy different parts of the solar spectrum. Ultraviolet light causes sun damage to your interior furnishings such as drapes, wall coverings and even your wall art. Infrared light or heat energy, is transmitted as heat into a building.
Low-e coatings are proven to minimize the amount of UV and IR light that passes through glass without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted. This means your window works hard to keep you comfortable in your home and protects your interior, without compromising your view.


People who have the experience of looking out the train window often question why the scenery outside is still able to remain clear without causing dizziness at such a high speed and how the windscreen can safeguard passengers in an event of bird collision.

When the uniformity of the refractive index is warranted, the image we see will be the same as it is. The glassless visual effect effectively eliminates the dizziness. Thus, travelers will feel more relaxed to enjoy the journey.


In addition to the excellent visual effect, one important feature of the high-speed rail side window glass is its safety.
The air pressure wave created by high speed trains moving in opposite directions will cause tremendous impact against the side window, a force large enough to possibly break the glass and result in safety concern to both passengers and the train operation.
Therefore, the side window must have sufficient mechanical strength and resistance against such impact. In the event where the window does break under force, it is required that glass shatters into honeycomb shaped tiny granular chunks with no sharp edges.
The outer layer should peel off free of debris while the inner layer remains intact, providing better protection to passengers against injuries for a safe trip.



Function Building,Office,Window
Sample Avaliable
Technique Low Emissivity,reflects heat,radiate enegry,visible light ,insulating power adds to windows.Transparent coating on surface,reflecting heat than the glass itself.
Design Clients drawing paper or our factory technical department will design by clients request
Package Wooden box
Original Suzhou,China